Use the cleaners individually or in partnership as stated on the cleaning chart.

Key:    A=All-Purpose Cleaner    M=Minerals, Mold & More    G=Glass Cleaner    S=Non-Abrasive Scrub

Note: Glass Cleaner can be used as a rinse to wipe down counters and in place of water.

Areas of Dirt Basic Clean Multi-Layered Cleaning Heavily Soiled Mineral Build Up
Baby Diaper StainsA A+S 
Baby Milk StainsA A+S 
BathtubA+S  M+S
Blood (use cold water)A A+S 
Cabinets, PaintedA   
Cabinets, WoodA   
Coffee PotA A+SM+S
CountersA A+S 
Dishwasher, InsideA   
DoorsA  M
Floors1pt A/4pt water
or straight G
Glass ShowerA A+SM+S
Glass Stove TopA A+S 
GreaseA A+S 
Kitchen & Bath FaucetsA  M+S
OvenA A+S 
SinkA A+SM or M+S
Substitute Dish SoapA A+S 
Tile & Grout A+S & M+S  
ToiletM M+SM+S
Urine - Dry/Wet M & AM+S & A+S 
WindowsG M & G 
Wine (use cold water)A A+S 
Glass Doors
A A+S 
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