About Grace

Grace Montalbo grew up overseas in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where natural living was the norm. Returning to the United States as she began college, Grace chose an education in nutrition. This seemed a natural goal, given her desire to help others through healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

Her first experience with cleaning homes was in 1985, when her first son announced that he was not going to go into daycare anymore, and he wanted to know what it was like to be home for the summer. What better way to have a flexible schedule, than to clean houses? Wanting to set herself apart from other cleaners, she began experimenting with “natural ingredients.” Within a few months, she was busy and her son was getting his wish.

Life changed, as it always does, and house cleaning was put on the back shelf. Travel, the birth of two more sons, and school became the focus. In 2006, Grace revisited her house cleaning memories, took them off the shelf, dusted them, and looked once more at the opportunities that they might provide her in the present.

Being in a hurry, Grace began using chemical cleaning products, without stopping to think about the effects of such products on herself or the environment. But then, as she began to feel unwell, her attention focused on what she was cleaning with. Grace did a 360 degree turn and went back to investigating her natural ingredients. With in-depth research and the help of a progressive company that produces biodegradable soap agents, she began putting her ideas and concepts into cleaning formulas.

Her current homes were the ideal testing ground, especially since many of her clients wanted a “green living environment.” Grace’s products have been privately used and tested since 2007, and completed a public test market phase in 2011. Supporting her use of earth respectful, biodegradable, and natural products, her clients, family, and friends encouraged Grace to offer her products to the public. In 2010, the birth of her granddaughter brought the family’s focus to a chemical-free environment. Using Gracefully Clean Products gave the family peace of mind, with the added bonus of successfully removing baby stains. (See Cleaning Information). On March 1, 2012 Gracefully Clean Products became available in stores in Maine.