About Gracefully Clean

How Gracefully Clean came to be…

I began my housecleaning business in 1985 to have a more flexible schedule while raising my six-year-old son. Without thinking too much about it, I began cleaning with the typical chemical cleaning products available in stores. Over time, I began to feel unwell; suspecting it was the cleaners I used day-in and day-out, I began investigating the harsh chemicals in these products. I was horrified that I had regularly used these in my home and around my child. If these common chemical cleaners had caused detrimental health effects to me as a grown woman, I became concerned about the effect they might have on my child, those of my clients, and family pets as well.

I conducted in-depth research into effective, natural, biodegradable ingredients. I tested various formulas over the years to develop the safest and most effective products. My clients were delighted to have a clean home without the use of harsh chemicals.

With these new homemade formulas in hand, and when my children asked to help, I had no qualms about confidently handing them a sprayer and a sponge and teaching them the art of cleaning. Similarly, one time when I was cleaning a client’s bathroom, the family dog came in and took a drink from the toilet (so common, right?!). How fortunate for the dog that I was using plant-based products with natural ingredients.

This philosophy and practice of using natural formulas is actually part of my heritage. Growing up in Afghanistan and Pakistan, natural living and a reliance on environmental solutions were the norm. With a strong desire to help others through healthy eating and healthy lifestyle, I returned to the U.S. to earn my degree in nutrition. Putting my knowledge to work and constantly evaluating and improving my formulas, I am proud to offer these simple, all-natural cleaning products to support our healthy homes.

—Grace Montalbo, Founder

Gracefully Clean makes sure that a clean house is a safe and healthy home for the whole family.

Grace Montalbo